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The 7th Proposal - Site Plan
INCLUDING: Memorial Twin Towers Lakes - Memorial Amphitheatre in the Park - River of Names - Memorial Park Grounds -Fountains and Statues

The 7th Proposal is a Design Concept for the New York World Trade Center Complex that is both Inspiring and Economically Feasible. This is a scalable concept currently presented with 7 million square feet.

The 7th Proposal is a beautiful and innovative replacement for the World Trade Center Complex in New York City, which was tragically destroyed on 11th September, 2001. John Joseph Teressi is an international, architectural designer, who believes that the entire World Trade Center Site should be a memorial and an affirmation of the human Spirit's ability to rise, through tragedy, to a higher level. At the same time, it is important that the site be economically feasible by providing for office space, residential and commercial activities.

The harmonious relationship between Victory Plaza, Freedom Plaza, the Twin Tower Lakes, the Rings of Life, the Maze of Memories, the Chapel of Wings, Rally Center and Memorial Museum creates a regeneration of Spirit and a positive, harmonious environment communicating the ideals of freedom.

The addition of Rally Center, the Children's Expo and Creative Center, brings a new dimension to the site - a rejuvenation of the land through the joy and enthusiasm of children.

The buildings soon to be placed on the website include Freedom Plaza, a commercial, residential and hotel complex; the Memorial Museum and a new design for the Marriott Hotel.

Check back as the last elements are unveiled...
There will be video fly-throughs of the entire site, and VR images to look around the site.

Note: Modeling and placement of remaining buildings is in progress

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River of Names

A river is continuously moving between and around buildings, falling from buildings, cascades, which form pools, basins, fountains, which then circulate through out the site. The River of Names, dotted with lakes and bridges, meanders from the Marriott Hotel to where the waterfall flows into a pool behind Rally Center, Children's Expo and Creative Center. It continues under the Memorial Bridge and out to the Twin Tower Lakes, then under and up into the fountain of the Maze of Memories. The River of Names forms the lake around the Chapel of Wings, flows underground and appears again in the Atrium of Victory Plaza and in the fountains of Freedom Plaza and the Memorial Museum.

Memorial Park Grounds

Walkways, electric cart and bicycle pathways wind their way through throughout the grounds of the World Trade Center Site, which is adorned with fountains and statues in the midst of gardens of flowers and stands of trees.

Memorial Amphitheatre in the Park

A small amphitheatre nestles in the park grounds near the Marriott Hotel and in the grove by the River of Names.

Memorial Twin Towers Lakes

The footprints of the twin towers are square, shallow lakes with a circular, stepped down base on which stands a small pyramid, from which water flows gently down to reflecting pools in the corners. Granite seating marks the outline of each tower.



Currently these elements are shown:

And these remain to be rendered: (designs are completed)

Videos of the buildings

And the song "Sanctuary" by Christina Duane

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