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The Seventh Proposal


The complete song will be released on CD and DVD and can be ordered .

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(Total song is 4 minutes).

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Out of the past we render

A Vision born of loss

To Celebrate Our Freedom

Knowing deeply what it cost


The Cost


God of Our Nation, feed our passion

To bring healing S-a-n-c-t-u-a-r-y

People of the Nations

Feel the Thunder

Beyond the roar of fallen hopes and dreams


Rise for the Children

Rise forth from Ashes

Speak of the lives that filled this air and space


Rise for their courage

Speak of their beauty

Say to them what we long to say


On precious blood soaked sacred ground

We laid our fallen brethren down

Diverse collective seeds of life

Have born our Nation's Sacred Site


Our Site


God of Our Nation, feed our passion

To bring Healing S-a-n-c-t-u-a-r-y

People of the Nations

Feel Our Freedom

Touch it, share just what it's Victory means


Hope for the Children

Hope for their future

Each with the chance to be all they can be


Hope for their world of peace

For their right to pray

For the choice is theirs in a land that's free


When freedoms breath falls to the ground, the love it's left is all around

Fear and hate can not contain, the breath of God in human frame


Lyrics by Christina Duane

Music by Christina Duane and Theo Bishop

©TopMoon Records. All rights reserved.



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