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Amazingly beautiful and inspirational!

The over-all design is stunning! The idea of the lakes over the sites of the twin towers is especially appealing to me. NOTHING can replace the WTC. I also like the idea of the Children's center and the chapel.

The 7th proposal is by far the most 'thought out' designs!!!......Congratulations on your mission!......this design inspires, gives us a moment of pause,....and leaves a great legacy for our future!

David - Rochester, New York

Beautiful, much-needed.

The design is inspired and has all the elements to heal and to move forward with the community in mind. it is essentially beautiful, especially with the flowing river of memory. an incredible addition to the skyline and spirit of new york. i hope it is chosen.

Awesome,sensitive,caring ...hope it gets picked..submit to Spielberg and other influentials in the arts, and politics, especially NY.

In view of the other proposals suggested, I submit to you that your design, And motives behind your design are "a breath of fresh air",blown upon The world's stage where all mankind play out their humdrum roles.Huff and Puff and blow the pretenders away!!

Whatever,the expense of the monument to be erected in the New City may be, may it pale in comparison to blood shed by the innocent who perished that day.

Let it stand as a beacon to all mankind, that we are not slaves to other men's designs and agendas. But that we are free as granted by our Creator, Who has many names.

Dirkus - Glendora, California

The last question to choose just one aspect is so difficult ... the whole proposal is the most perfect and honorable I've seen! It would honor all who perished and all who helped the rescue and clean-up efforts.

Well, the 7th Proposal looks quite amazingly fantastic... I love the Chapel of Wings and also The Children's building. The Building shapes are really beautiful.

I just viewed and voted on your design for WTC site. It is the most beautiful I have seen ... I've looked at all the designs that have so far been submitted. AOL does surveys among their subscribers and I've participated in all of them. I will forward the website to everyone that has an interest in WTC so they can all vote as well. It would be wonderful if that project could be built as presented.

Finally took the time to look at this -- and must THANK YOU from my heart for sending this out. It is so magnificent and so inspiring (as usual, words are so inadequate). The Visionary quality is oh, so obvious. I'd really like to know the final destiny of this plan -- to see it implemented, built "for real"!

Ann B. Sloan Author, How to Use the Pieces of a Broken Heart

This is a design that includes many ideas not addressed in the other proposals and I would like to see this one chosen.

This is a true tribute to humanity. This is an unsurpassed vision for our great nation blessed by God. God bless America.


I believe this overall site plan takes what is now sacred ground and provides a center of remembrance while also restoring what the terrorist attempted to take away. Restoring hope, the American Spirit, economic strength and the New York Skyline. This plan builds triumphant soaring buildings that are classic and yet reach into the future. They reach high yet feature huge bases that provide space and safety, communicating granduar, innovation and technology as the Twin Towers did but with a New Vision. Let's make a statement through New Vision, new technology and rememberance demonstrating the ideals of freedom on America's Sacred Ground.


Awestruct! So much in so little space, design, utilization, memorial, futuristic vision... Very Empowering!

The whole complex was awesome. Were Masons involved with the architecture and placement of the buildings? Just Curious.


My overall feeling encompassed many emotions - hope, tears of joy, love, peace..........

Thanks for passing this on. Quite a beautiful design with a lot of good ideas, some original ones not in the other proposals capturing more of the spiritual elements that should be there.


How can I pick only 1, each and every one is dynamic.

I saw the drawings before they were on the Internet, and they were interesting, but when I saw them on the site, I loved them. I like them all, and they should be built! My top favorites are the Chapel of Wings and the Children's Expo.

I especially like the Victory Plaza buildings. It was very nicely done, and they should be built!

truly amazng in all aspects, inspired and healing.

Beautiful Vision!!!

wonderful work, inspirational, and healing arts at hand, at last. I am not an American citizen, and could hardly imagine it in Europe, but N.Y accepts all creativity and I guess it is the most appropiate place to be built. Go ahead, you have all my support, with love and light,


I couldn't chose just one re: last question. Beautiful. Wouldn't change a thing.

Bit futuristic but should be the most modern. Have to go with the times

The design is so inspiring! It opens the mind to endless possibilities!

The 7th Proposal is awesome! The concept is so original and inspiring; a precious gift to the world!

Sharon - San Diego

I can't say what ONE aspect I would include. I don't think any one aspect is enough. I would say if you had to eliminate anything it might be the chapel and Rally Center. However, I believe the entire complex combines all the elements that reflect respect, remembrance and usefuleness for the future.

Living in New York and watching the building of the World Trade Center is something I will always treasure and remember. What a wonderful tribute this would be!!!


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