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The 7th Proposal, A Tribute to Humanity - A New Vision for America
A New Unsolicited Proposal Submitted to LMDC
for the NYC World Trade Center Site - Every Acre Sacred, Every Element a Memorial

Los Angeles, CA...The 7th Proposal, an innovative, unsolicited design for the World Trade Center Complex, is being offered as an alternative to the proposals recently submitted in New York City. John Joseph Teressi, a visionary architectural designer residing in Los Angeles, believes the entire World Trade Center site should be a memorial and "an affirmation of the human spirit's ability to rise, through tragedy, to a higher level. At the same time, of course, the site must be economically feasible and provide for office space and residential and commercial activities."

Teressi collaborated with a team of dedicated individuals to create the 7th Proposal, which can now be viewed at The website features a 3-Dimensional animation of the proposed commercial buildings and a memorial for those lost in the World Trade Center tragedy on September 11, 2001. Jym Duane crafted the 3-D animation and website. Christina Duane wrote and sings the theme song, Sanctuary.

The 7th Proposal's World Trade Center site consists of: Victory Plaza with three towers on a 7-story commercial and residential triangular base; Freedom Plaza, an office/commercial complex; Rally Center -ChildrenŐs Exposition and Creativity Center; a Memorial Museum and Chapel of Wings, plus a new Marriott Hotel. The Twin Towers' footprints become lakes, connected by a Memorial Bridge, containing botanical gardens. Above the lakes, stained-glass rings send rainbows of light over the cascading water. Parkland includes a variety of flowers and trees, an amphitheatre, and a Maze of Memories with a globe fountain, surrounded by a bronze Ring of Names.

The 7th Proposal was conceived when Teressi read about the public rejection of the six original proposals. He began to envision a site which would simultaneously honor those lost and provide an inspiration for future generations. "Buildings sculpt space in very specific ways, and people resonate to that fact much more than we realize. The 7th Proposal was created to encourage human beings around the world to go beyond the expected and to move into their imaginations," Teressi explains. "We need the new buildings on the World Trade Center site to create a positive, harmonious feeling at every turn."

Experience the virtual reality of the 7th Proposal for the World Trade Center Complex at

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