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with John Teressi, designer of the 7th Proposal, for the new World Trade Center in New York City,

Why did you create the 7th Proposal?

I had no intention of designing new buildings for the World Trade Center site until I read an article in the Los Angeles Times. I was waiting for beautiful and inspiring buildings to appear. When I realized that all six proposals from the major architectural firms of the world were rejected. I was saddened that they had completely missed the opportunity that was presented to them. They had the chance to turn a tragedy into a powerful statement for the human spirit.

So why did you get involved?

I was so extraordinarily disappointed, that I immediately began drawing my own designs all over the newspaper article. I felt that someone had to step forward and provide an alternate vision. I wanted to share with the people of the world our American Spirit of freedom and courage..

So what is your vision?

The entire World Trade Center Site should not only be a memorial, but it should be an affirmation of the human spirit and its ability to rise to a new octave, a higher vibrational level.

What do you mean by a Higher Vibrational level?

In the essence of all things created, there is what I term "A Truth." A truth is something that can be reduced to it most perfect simplicity in its form and function. This truth is apparent in all natural things: the streamlined wings of a bird, the functional curves of a dolphin, and the delicate, but strong architecture of a butterfly. These are creations, which are born from truth. Nothing in nature was created with a straight line or ruler. The next vibrational level seeks to express and mirror the desires of our hearts and souls, not of our minds.

Do you think you achieved this higher vibrational level in your building designs for the World Trade Center site?

Within the confines of this small area in the hyper density of New York, it was my objective to create an assemblage of buildings, each communicating with each other in an integrated harmonic whole. I did this on three levels. first, by creating inspiring design through inspirational forms and shapes while trying to emulate the former awe-inspiring dimensions of man's technological achievement, which was the World Trade Center towers. Second, I created new functions and attractions for the site itself. Third, I wanted to integrate all of the above in a resonating, interactive site plan.

What do you mean by new functions and attractions?

I think everyone who understands the enormity of this loss has been tragically scarred by this event. The people of the world need to be healed; new energies need to be created that will turn this tragedy into inspiration. I have used my site plan as a destination center for visitors, for all those who wish to be regenerated and want an opportunity to pay their respects to those who have perished. Because we are an ever evolving race of beings, it is important that we honor not only those who perished, but future generations to come. Instead of a Memorial Park, I have created a Children's Exposition and Learning Center. This is a place, which honors the spirit of those who died and future spirits who will be born. This design has an overall appearance of being an abstract cradle. It appears as two shells opening up to the sky with an activity center and sculpture garden linking the two sides together. This is what I wanted to create for the overall theme of the site…a regeneration of Spirit and a New Linking Together of World Consciousness.

Did you create any Memorial buildings?

I realized that in accordance with the general public opinion, there should be no buildings on the footprint of the former World Trade Center Towers. So, in the spirit of linking together those who have passed and those who would be inspired with a reaffirmation of the human spirit, I have created a Memorial Bridge. This Bridge spans the distance between the two former Towers. The location of the former towers become lakes, and the Memorial Bridge functions as a living architectural statement linking the past and the future with the creation of an Atrium and World Botanical Garden, with plants from each of the 55 nations who lost citizens in the tragedy.

Did you design any other buildings to honor those who lost their lives?

The full concept of form and function is to create a cohesive whole and to integrate the theme into a modern, inspirational site, which should include a Memorial Museum. This small museum will house all the architectural records of the buildings and of the terrible event that occurred on Sept. 11th. It will include a media center displaying pictures and biographies of the heroes, the survivors and those who perished. It will serve as a learning center for all future generations. I also designed the Rings of Life, stained glass rings hovering over the lakes that were formed on the footprints of the original twin towers. The Maze of Memories is a garden designed around a bronze ring of names of those lost. The Bronze ring supports a fountain with a globe of the world turning on hydraulic water pressure centerpiece as the centerpiece.

Did you create a place for people to assemble and attend services based on their religious beliefs?

I created what I call a Chapel of Wings. It is a non-denominational chapel made from stained glass with a soaring ceiling to inspire the Spirit of those who wish to honor the people who lost their lives.

Have you included in your 7th Proposal the requirements necessary for the commercial and residential aspects of the site?

It was my intention to create a tourist destination that would invite visitors from around the world to experience the beauty and harmony of this new, cutting-edge design, to enjoy the museums, the Children's Expo, the shops, restaurants and galleries. The site was designed to inspire creativity and imagination. I have created six commercial towers, three at Victory Plaza, three in Freedom Plaza, which are based on 7-story, tiered bases, that include offices, retail, commercial and residential property. The residential area forms part of the base and has tiered terraces with views of the park.

What would you consider as the basis of your site design?

The basis was to create an integrated, harmonic design that would pull together the pieces of the puzzle, each building interacting with all the other buildings of the site, to establish a functioning energetic whole. This site design also includes the landscape and water features: lakes, fountains and a river, which links the structures into a flowing, energizing dynamic site in which to live and work, visit and worship.

Why did you create such futuristic designs for the World Trade Center site?

I felt it was necessary to look forward instead of backward. This is a world site, and as such belongs to the people of the world. What we are creating is a new World Vision, which should be born from passion, love, and inspiration for all future generations.

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